Dispatcher job in Deck Division Inbound Brantford ON at Fleetway Transport

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Employer - Fleetway Transport
Job title - Dispatcher
Job Description

The Dispatcher is responsible for the scheduling and dispatch of drivers and vehicles for conveyance of freight. The Dispatcher's responsibilities also consist of assigning drivers to trucks and providing accurate directions to pickup and delivery facilities. The role includes providing support in a fast paced, high call volume office environment and will assist in completing operational and data entry tasks as necessary in a timely and accurate manner.
Dispatch in General
Start your day prepared to work 5-10 minutes before your start time.
Come ready to work and in compliance of Fleetway Transport Inc. Dress Code.
· Each morning, at the start of your shift, check to confirm drivers are on schedule.
· Call customers and advise of trucks that are running behind schedule before the customer calls you.
· Each morning and throughout the day check and respond to satellite messages directed to you or your department.
· ACE drivers & ACI drivers when needed
· Quote freight for customers
· Maximize payloads/revenues
· Utilize tools such as the load link to post equipment availability, and contact those that match your needs.
· Make cold calls as needed to find freight. Call regular/past customers to inform of your equipment availability.
· Look after all customer account(s) (spread sheets, deliveries, pick ups, etc.) as related to your department.
· Track & trace loads
· Utilize TMW – Input orders, regular dispatch maintenance as needed. Cooperate - Grow with TMW as we start to utilize it more. We anticipate this will be our one source for information in the future but to get there we need everyone’s cooperation. Every time you update something, be sure it is up to date in TMW.
· Ensure everything you dispatch is accounted for in TMW.
· Respond to emails & send emails when needed
· Talk to customers & look after their trucking needs
· Deal with some after hour phone calls when needed as related to dispatch
· At the end of the day and before you leave, ensure that all satellite messages and emails have been answered.
· When problems arise and escalate outside of the realms of your position refer it to the appropriate person/department.
· Communicate effectively with other workers especially within your department, ensuring all are in the loop.
· Other duties as required
Dispatch Trucks & Drivers
· Regularly monitor driver’s hours of service and availability – continually monitor Shaw Tracking and HOS.
· Based on available hours - Dispatch/relay information to drivers such as but not limited to pickup and delivery instructions.
· Assist drivers when possible. Such as but not limited to: directions, phone numbers, hours of operation of shippers and receivers. If you give directions communicate to the driver to ensure that he/she understands that low bridges, truck routes etc. are their responsibility, not yours.
· Deal with drivers & their problems when necessary
· Communication – put yourself in the driver’s seat! Take the time and communicate anything you know that may make their trip go smoother. For instance, if you have a reload planed, communicate it in advance. Use free form satellite messages as needed.
Cell phone
· You are expected to carry a cell phone at all times (cell phone provided).
· During the work day you are expected to answer it at all times.
· On evenings and on weekends, you are expected to answer when possible. At minimum check and return any messages requiring a response within a
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Job Location Deck Division Inbound Brantford, ON
Date Posted 20 Jul 2020
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