Riverbase Managers job in Banff AB at CHINOOK RAFTING

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Job title - Riverbase Managers
Job Description

The job of a RiverBase Manager has many duties and it’s this variety that many of us enjoy. During a typical day at Chinook Rafting we expect you to do anything and everything within your level of training to ensure the smooth day to day operations of our riverbase site.
Having a cool job working for a rafting company is a lot of fun but with it comes much responsibility. Whether you are checking guests in for their trip, explaining the waiver form, selling souvenirs or photos in the retail shop, cleaning the changing areas, or taking memorable photographs of the rafting trips, we expect you to be friendly, professional and courteous at all times, consistently exceeding industry standards.
Our RiverBase Managers will have interaction with almost every guest before and after they hit the water, so they must be self motivated, able to work alone as well as in a team environment. They are an integral part of the success of Chinook Rafting, often holding all the pieces of the operation together and therefore must be keen to help out with almost anything and everything that gets thrown at them. Pre-requisites for employment:
Alberta Class 5 Driving License (or equivalent license) with a clean driving record
Minimum standard first aid (16hr course) and CPR certification. Assets:
Alberta Class 2 or Class 4 Driving License with a clean driving record
Wilderness first aid (40hr course)
Interest in photography & simple vehicle maintenance
Problem solver
Excellent hospitality, public relations and customer service skills
Enthusiastic, reliable and outgoing person that loves the outdoors
During staff training we will familiarize and train our RiverBase Managers with their daily tasks along with the surrounding area so that they know the route to the rivers we use, the photo spots and also our emergency evacuations spots. We also hold one or two training days at the start of the season to refresh on emergency response, first aid scenarios and river rescue situations. Often the RiverBase Managers will be involved in these days from an off river perspective.
Chinook Rafting employs full time RiverBase Managers who usually work an average of 40 hours a week, (this could be made up of only half days at the start of the season but then 5 long days every week during the peak time). Work Load
At Chinook Rafting we do expect all of our staff to give 110% effort at all times. We want our guests to receive the very best experience possible, one that they will remember for years to come. We therefore do try and schedule all of our staff for 1-2 days off a week in order to rest and have some personal time. In return we expect you to come in ready for work on your scheduled days, fresh, and full of energy and enthusiasm.
We will expect you to work hard and complete every task to the best of your ability; however we want you to have fun too, as the guests will see this and without them returning or telling their friends and family of their awesome rafting trip, it would be a very quiet summer for all of us.
On a final note, we hope that this may have wetted your appetite. If you are a team player with a positive attitude and are looking for a job in the outdoors this summer, working for a rafting company which provides exceptional guest service while running fun and informative trips, or just wish to learn from some of the most experienced and knowledgeable staff in the Adventure Tourism Industry then we would love to hear
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Job Location Banff, AB
Date Posted 09 Jul 2020
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