Logistics Expediter job in Banff AB at Pursuit

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Employer - Pursuit
Job title - Logistics Expediter
Job Description
Denali Cabins - Guest Services
Logistics Expediter
The Logistics Expediter position facilitates transport of goods and guests in and around the Denali Park area. The Logistics Expediter organizes and maintains logistics space and bus manifests. The Logistics Expediter ensures that all passengers and supplies are loaded on the buses as required and reconciles any difference encountered.

Works with guests to ensure satisfaction in such areas as quality, service, and problem resolution
Drives a van, minibus, lightweight truck, or cube van to transport passengers and goods to and from Denali Backcountry Lodge, Denali Cabins, Denali train depot, McKinley Village, Denali Visitors' Center, and other properties as assigned
Delivery, loading, and unloading of luggage, products, supplies, equipment, and trash
Stock snacks, sodas, coffee, etc. to be consumed in route to destination
Assist disabled passengers into and out of vehicles
Assist continental breakfast attendant as needed between bus departures
Organize turn-around of Denali Backcountry Lodge bus when necessary
Organize and maintain logistics space, including logistics storage, walk-in cooler, and logistics ramp / deck
Assist other departments as needed to facilitate a smooth operation to maximize the guest visits and satisfaction
Answer inquiries pertaining to organizations services, shopping, dining, tourism, entertainment, and providing travel directions for the area

Excellent driving record
Works professionally and courteously when under pressure in a busy environment
Arrive to work on time, ready to work, dressed in clean uniform, with a neat and clean appearance
Effectively solve problems, receive directions and manage time efficiently
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Job Location Banff, AB
Date Posted 08 Jul 2020
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