Human Resources & Volunteer Manager job in Canada at Women Need Society

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Employer - Women in Need Society
Job title - Human Resources & Volunteer Manager
Job Description
Organization Structure and Leadership WINS is governed by a volunteer Board of Directors who oversee the Executive Director’s execution of the organization’s strategy. A senior management team reports to the Executive Director consisting of leaders from Retail Operations, Finance, Fund Development, Donation Centre & Supply Chain, Human Resources, and Programs. The WINS senior management team is dynamic and results-oriented with a highly collaborative, positive, fun, and fast-paced work style. The team supports each other and is able to pivot very quickly to new priorities while maintaining the course on existing work, continuously improving daily operations in a resource constrained environment.
WINS employs ~85 employees working ~67 Full-time Equivalents (FTE). Most WINS employees are front-line hourly-paid staff. WINS is also grateful to host 550+ individual volunteers (~100 routinely active), combined with well over 400 corporate group volunteers annually.
The Role Reporting to the Executive Director, the Human Resources Manager is a member of the senior management team. The manager works collaboratively, ensuring that human resources activities support the organization’s vision and mission and are fully aligned with WINS values. Forming a partnership with WINS leaders, the manager actively drives alignment of human resources with business needs. As WINS is a smaller organization, the manager is engaged in a wide array of activities from planning and strategy through to routine daily tasks. Key responsibilities include, but are not limited to:
Business and Human Resources Strategy
Contribute to WINS overall strategy development and collaborate with other management to ensure the human resources and volunteer sub-strategies are aligned with WINS’ achievement of organization objectives.
Drawing on marketing and fund development messaging, spearhead communication to employees and volunteers regarding WINS initiatives and direction (change management support).
Partnering with the Executive Director, support the Board of Director’s Human Resources Committee (HRC) in the preparation of meeting agendas, materials, and minutes, actioning decisions made by the HRC and/or the Board.
Organization Development
Develop and support workforce planning for the organization, ensuring the organization’s staff and volunteer deployment is aligned with organizational needs.
Working with expertise in the Programs team, develop and contribute to training strategies and training offerings to support current and future skills requirements.
Organization Effectiveness
Support the administration of the annual Engagement Survey & reporting. Drive and assist with the subsequent action planning and implementation.
Provide change management and facilitation support as needed.
Talent Acquisition
Through internal training, ensure managers have appropriate skills to effectively partner in recruitment activities.
Refresh the recruitment, on-boarding, and orientation processes and tools for employees and volunteers.
Talent Management and Organization Support
Support succession planning to optimize staff retention and mitigate risks.
Update and steward the effectiveness of WINS’ performance management process by providing tools, training, and support for managers and staff.
Ensure that the organization’s Employee, Volunteer, and Program Participant Handbooks, which contain human resources policies and practices, are aligned with WINS value
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Job Location Canada
Date Posted 01 May 2020
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