Human Resources Manager job in Canada at Canadian Mental Health Association, Haliburton, Kawartha, Pine Ridge Branch

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Employer - Canadian Mental Health Association, Haliburton, Kawartha, Pine Ridge Branch
Job title - Human Resources Manager
Job Description

Full time temporary (75 hours bi-weekly; 6 months (renewable))
Position Summary:
The Manager of Human Resources is responsible for the overall coordination and general management of the Human Resources Program throughout C.M.H.A. H.K.P.R. The Manager ensures that services are provided using a range of human resources best-practice approaches.
General responsibilities include planning, developing, implementing, maintaining and evaluating human resources services, and management of human resources employees. Functional areas of responsibility include recruitment, orientation, labour/ employee relations, compensation, benefits administration and payroll review, training and development, performance management, job evaluation, the development and maintenance of H.R. policies, procedures and processes, employee recognition and H.R.I.S. (Human Resources Information System) management. The Manager of Human Resources is also responsible for interpreting, advising and supporting the Management Team on H.R. policies and procedures, as well as collective agreement administration and labour relations procedures.
Key Responsibilities
1. Recruitment
Participates in planning strategies to attract and retain staff and manages the overall recruitment, retention and orientation processes
Provides strategic support to HR performing related day-to-day activities and advice and assistance to Managers on staff recruitment and legal compliance matters
Reviews and approves candidate C.P.I.C. documentation and final hiring decisions with Senior Management
2. Labour/Employee Relations
Advises and coaches all levels of management on employee performance issues, and workplace legislation, as well as respectful problem solving to minimize human resources related risk to the organization
Responds to employee inquires and providing guidance on human resources matters
3. Compensation, Benefits Administration and Payroll Review
Advises on wage/ salary administration and compensation procedures and oversees the day-to-day administration of the benefits and pension programs
Manages the attendance and leave management system
4. Training and Development
Participates in developing organizational training plans, in consultation with the Senior Management Team, to respond to individual professional development needs, succession planning requirements and organizational objectives
Manages the training administration in compliance with the collective agreement
5. Performance Management
Coaches the Management Team regarding performance assessment tools to achieve organizational objectives and to develop employees’ careers
Manages performance management processes
6. Job Evaluation
Participates and provides support to the Job Evaluation Committee and, oversees the classification and rating of all positions to ensure compliance with pay equity,policy and collective agreement requirements
Leads periodic job description reviews and revisions and makes applicable recommendations to the Senior Management Team
7. H.R. Policies, Procedures and Processes
Develops organizational H.R. policies and procedures and participates in the development of Health and Safety policies, as required
Makes policy-related recommendations for review by the Senior Management Team and the Board of Directors
8. H.R.I.S. and H.R. Records
Oversees the maintenance of the H.R.I.S. and hard copy H.R. records to ensure legal and organizational requirements related to privacy, confident
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Job Location Canada
Date Posted 30 Apr 2020
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