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Employer - Fox IT
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We are sourcing up to 8 FULL STACK - Java - Web Application Developers at the Mid level (4-6 years) to Senior level (8 years) consultants. Our Clients are located across Western Canada in BC, Alberta, Saskatchewan, & even Manitoba! This is an 8-month arrangement, with a possibility of extension - perhaps even a Permanent Offer! By no means is this part of the offer immediately, but it is certainly a possibility!
This is a fully on-site role - You will have to be ON-SITE 100% 8am-5pm standard hours - This is a motivating, engaging, dive-in-head-first kind of environment & being a part of a dynamic team is crucial, & to do - everyone has to be there, working, at the same time!
We are looking for 8 Motivated Mid to Senior Full Stack Developers - You do not necessarily need to already live in Western Canada, you just need to be willing to Relocate for these projects!
There is NO language requirement & NO Security Clearance requirement! - so you MUST be willing to relocate (or already reside) out-west!
Working as a cohesive unit with everyone involved in the Product & Goals: the Product Managers/Owners, Developers/Engineers, Business Stakeholders & our client's Fancy Designers to achieve one common goal: Develop cool applications & modules to integrate with current developed framework, & meet always evolving business requirements!
Working with the standard integrated development environments, developing responsive web applications, focusing on both the Front-End & Back-End Tech Stacks - Java, Spring Framework, Microservices & Hibernate ORM tool!
You will get lots of experience Testing your own code & your colleagues' code! Our clients want their Full Stack Developers involved in the entire product process!
Soft skills are very important in these Agile Teams, you will be translation Dev- or Tech-Speak into everyday dialect for the non-technical team members & clients!
A minimum of 4 years (7-8 for Senior) of Full Stack Java Development experience isstrongly suggested prior to applying, its a fun environment, but it is tough & we need solid Coders who can keep up!
In-depth experience in the various auxiliary tools/frameworks to Java: Hibernate, Spring, and Javascript frameworks like Angular or jQuery!
Experience with the average integrated development environments as well as version control systems.
Agile Environment experience is a must - we need a strong communicator as well - someone who can develop & explain technical reasoning & functions to all non-technical resources in the company, & to external non-technical clients!
Full Stack Developers with Testing experience is ideal - we need you writing your own test cases - so that has to be something you're comfortable with before applying.
Ideal Candidate Soft Skills:
We are not just looking for Full-Stack Wizard Developers, we're looking for Shining Stars who are going to lead not because its their title, but because they do so naturally!
We are looking for Champions of the Agile Practises & also a fantastic & confident Communicator who will push the process along to create better Tools, better methodology for the team, & will really embrace & empower the transition of these new processes & tools to the organization as whole!
There is NO language requirement & NO Security Clearance requirement! - You will have to be ON-SITE 100% 8am-5pm standard hours - so you MUST be willing to relocate (or already reside) out-west!
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Location - Canada
Date Posted - 31 Aug 2019
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