Teaching Assistant / Demonstrator / Lab monitor

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Employer - uOttawa
Job Description

Nature of Work
Marking of assignments, posting answers to assignments, tabulations of assignments marks on Excel spreadsheet; maintaining office hours to assist students with assignments; preparation, cleanup and supervision of laboratory sessions, marking of laboratory reports, tabulating of laboratory mark on Excel spreadsheet. Could be responsible for cleaning and maintaining confidentiality of the assignment boxes related to students. Proctoring duties at midterms and final exam.

Hourly Rate
Graduate $ 43.98
Undergraduate $ 27.91

Start Date
End Date

Total work hours

List of Duties Description Work Hours Comments Preparation 10 Other Duties 10 Up to 6 hrs in fianl exams proctoring Marking / Grading 55 Contact with students 55

Location where work is performed (if applicable)

Name of supervisor (if known)
Ousmane Seidou

Posting Details Number of Positions 2

Number of enrolments (estimate) 60

Language in which the work will be required to be performed (if appropriate) English
For positions with a teaching component, the applicant must be able to communicate accurately, effectively, and with clairity in the language of instruction.

Minimum Qualifications
Expected to have an excellent background knowledge in Hydrology Engineering. It is mandatory that the TA successfully complete: WHMIS/lab safety courses, Mandatory trainings and TA orientation. Excellent oral communication skills in English.PEng or EIT an assetBilingualism would be an asset, Selected TA candidates must be present and be on campus /department on the first day of the course (work) until end date stipulated in posting, no exceptions.
All University of Ottawa employees are required under provincial law to successfully complete all mandatory legislated training offered by the University. The list of training requirements may be modified by provincial law. If you are invited to continue the selection process, please notify us of any particular adaptive measures you might require. Any information you send us will be handled respectfully and in complete confidence.

Applications must be submitted to the unit concerned no later than the date on which the posting ends.

Posting start date
Posting end date

Additional Comments

It is the responsibility of the applicant to provide all of the information on which the decision to hire will be based. (18.4.2)

Only candidates who meet the qualifications set out in the posting for the position will be considered for that position. (18.6.1)

For all positions not allocated pursuant to 18.5, the prime criteria in ranking the candidate for posted positions shall include: the candidate's ability to perform the duties of the positions; the candidate's previous relevant experience; and relevant academic qualifications in addition to those set out in the posting. (18.6.2)

Employment Equity is University policy

Location - Canada
Date Posted - 11 Jul 2019
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