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EmployerAsia-Pacific Foundation of Canada
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Portfolio: Global Affairs (Foreign Affairs) Organization: Asia-Pacific Foundation of Canada Position title: Director Type: Part-time Closing date: February 19, 2019 Opportunity number: J0818-0122 The Asia Pacific Foundation of Canada is a not-for-profit organisation dedicated to strengthening ties between Canada and Asia with a focus on expanding economic relations through trade, investment and innovation; promoting Canada’s expertise in offering solutions to Asia’s climate change, energy, food security and natural resource management challenges; building Asia skills and competencies among Canadians, including young Canadians; and improving Canadians’ general understanding of Asia and its growing global influence.

The Foundation is well known for its annual national opinion polls of Canadian attitudes regarding relations with Asia, including Asian foreign investment in Canada and Canada’s trade with Asia.

The Foundation places an emphasis on China, India, Japan and South Korea while also developing expertise in emerging markets in the region, particularly economies in Southeast Asia.

The Asia Pacific Foundation is governed by a Board of Directors comprising the Chairperson and up to four Directors appointed by the Governor in Council on the recommendation of the Minister of Foreign Affairs; up to eighteen directors appointed by the Board; and its President, who is appointed by the Board. All Board members are appointed for a term not exceeding three years and may be appointed for a maximum of three terms. Directors participate in meetings of the Board, which is responsible for setting the strategic directions of the Foundation, managing the endowment fund, appointing the President, and has ultimate responsibility for all the Foundation’s activities.

The Board meets a minimum of twice each year, with at least one meeting held at the Foundation’s principal office in Vancouver. Official Languages and Diversity The Government of Canada will consider bilingual proficiency and diversity in assessing applicants. You are therefore encouraged to include in your online profile your ability to speak and understand your second official language. Preference may be given to applicants who are members of one or more of the following groups: women, Indigenous peoples, persons with disabilities, and members of a visible minority group. To be considered, please ensure that the information provided in your curriculum vitae and cover letter clearly demonstrate how you meet the following requirements: Education and Experience
A degree from a recognized university in a relevant field of study or a combination of equivalent education, job-related training and/or experience;
Experience or expertise concerning relations between Canada and Asia in any sector or area;
Experience in leadership and decision-making in the private sector, government, non-profit, academic, international development or international organization sectors;
Experience maintaining productive and effective relationships with a variety of stakeholders and partners including government, non-profit or private sector organizations would be considered an asset; and
Experience serving as a member of a Board of Directors for a public or private sector organisation would be considered an asset.
If you move on to the next stage of the selection process, the following criteria will be assessed: Knowledge, Skills and Abilities
Knowledge of the mandate, objectiv

Date Posted17 Feb 2019
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Experience1-5 years
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